Software Delivery Team

End-To-End Technology Solutions.

An autonomous team that delivers technology solutions and value

ECS provides all the roles needed to complete the team you require. This team is typically composed by a PM, SW engineers, QA engineers and other roles that are defined for each specific project. Management is conducted jointly by ECS's Scrum Master / Project Manager and Client’s Product Owner.

The Delivery Team works autonomously, but communicates and reports status as often as requested by you. Using the Agile Methodology, it relies heavily on feedback and discoveries made during testing to shape its design and functions.

Our expert Delivery Teams work swiftly in sprints to efficiently attack the backlog while maintaining the flexibility to re-prioritize and adjust to deliver the best possible product.

Applying the highest skilled engineering talent through the delivery team approach, ECS’s Delivery Teams can start delivering technology solutions and value immediately since teams are quickly spun up by us to implement and execute agreed plans.

Delivery Team Benefits

Start immediately

Teams are quickly spun up and autonomously managed by ECS to implement and execute agreed plans.

Access Top 1% Engineers

Our hiring process is constantly active to ensure us immediate access to the best IT professionals in the market. More info about our staffing process can be found here: Top 1% IT Talent.

Free up internal key resources

By only using ECS’s resources, you can focus on key growth drivers while still being on control of the whole project.

Avoid project & team management issues

ECS is responsible for the Technical lead and team management from start to end


Our expert Delivery Teams can start delivering technolog solutions and value immediately. On top of that, we only hire experienced Top 1% IT Talent.