Private Cloud Solutions

We build private clouds based on VMware, OpenStack, CloudStack and Microsoft

Have you decided to move to the cloud?

Don’t want to use public cloud and share it with others, but want to have the environment where the hardware, storage and network are dedicated to exactly to you?

Our experienced cloud engineers will design and build Private Cloud Architecture customized exactly for your business - highly available and reliable, scalable and cost effective.

ECS is a provider of Private Cloud Solutions and Services.

Our Private Cloud Specializations are based on:

  • VMware
  • OpenStack
  • CloudStack
  • Microsoft

Deploy Private solutions faster with our established solutions, customized to meet your business needs.

Learn more about how we build private clouds:

Requirements Gathering

We work with you to understand your needs/goals to define the requirements for your Cloud solution. Our experts will gather all the required information about the nature of your business, your application, your existing environment.

Hardware Selection

There is a wide range of hardware and options for hosting your Private Cloud. We will help you chose the optimal hardware configuration for your private cloud architecture based on capacity, performance and cost criterions.

Architecture design

Based on your business requirements, your existing technologies and application, resources and workflow we will design a Private Cloud Architecture and develop further deployment and automation strategy.


With the architecture on hand, we will implement and deploy the secure, high-performance, robust and flexible cloud infrastructure based on the latest industry standards. At all stages of the project you will have the access to our technical team, can track project progress or keep process under your control as much as you need.


Once the Private Cloud is built, we will full scale portfolio migration. Build migration factory – infrastructure, tooling, processes, playbooks Operational transformation and cloud service management Workloads and data migration / production cutover, Post migration support and handoff of applications


We not only design and build Private Clouds, but we also manage and support them. At the end of the project you can either consider one of our standard monthly management plans or hourly on-demand support, or we will develop your personalized support plan exactly for your infrastructure and business needs.

Would you like to find out more about the Private Cloud? We’d be happy to answer your questions!